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Domain name juggler [Whois]
Juggler takes 2 or 3 words and tests all permutations with and without hyphens as domain names, results generated in real time, easy to use and set up
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aspii webtools whois [Whois]
a standard whois utility to get the information about a domain name.
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aliendomain [Whois]
aliendomain checks the availability of a given domain name and can even check this domain name under multiple top level domains at once. allows the use of customized html templates for reporting the information and can even log each query.
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castle whois [Whois]
allows simple whois queries using your local whois software. usefull if you do not need a full featured whois script. includes, meta character removal and referrer checking.
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cdomainfree [Whois]
cdomain is a nicely designed whois gateway that allows a user to check and see if a domain is available. it shows the results in plain english and the user has the option to view the whois output on a domain that is already registered. cdomainfree ha
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cdomainplus [Whois]
cdomainplus allows users on the web to research availability or full details on domain names and supports the shared registration system. cdomainplus features two lookup method -- a domain name wizard and a global search. easy configuration via a sim
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cdomainpro [Whois]
cdomainpro allows you to research both the availability and/or full information on domain names in over 50 countries, with over 200 geographic tld (gtld) combinations, including the new shared registration system. cdomainpro features a domain name wi
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domain name checker [Whois]
this script simply does a whois for the domain you enter, then indicates whether or not the domain has been taken.
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