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WAP Text Modification [Web Server Maintenance]
Modify both the Web and WAP sites text contents simultaneously (in one step) through WAP interface. This script is written to display the modification date, 3 products and their prices. C/w WAP input form. With some simple HTML and cgi knowledge, your can modify the active output WAP and Web pages to suit your needs. Eg. you may have more products or you may want to convert it to a message board.
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SysMon [Web Server Maintenance]
Complete Unix system monitor that checks key parts of your system every 5 minutes and reports to you if it finds any problems.
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account finder [Web Server Maintenance]
introducing account finder 1.0. designed to assist webmasters with the daily maintenance of the private website directories. misplaced your username and/or password to your favorite members-only website? download this program and send it to the web
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birdtrap [Web Server Maintenance]
now you can replace those boring server errors such as notfound with any message you wish. the script also comes with a set of funny graphics to make your readers cherish the fact that something went wrong! birdtrap allows you to either log or e-mail
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environmental variables script [Web Server Maintenance]
this script lists all the environmental variable values being returned by your server. knowing the environmental variables will assist you in knowing the results that should be returned from your scripts.
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ftp logview [Web Server Maintenance]
ftp logview is a web interface to view your wuftpd log file. it can also search your log file for a user.
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fluid dynamics: apache guardian [Web Server Maintenance]
this utility replaces document not found and related error codes with helpful messages, and notifies the site administrator of the visit. very useful for detecting those who try to hack secure directories or exploit cgi bugs. demonstration and free
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gz-site [Web Server Maintenance]
a very easy to use script to backup your web directory using tar and gzip. the gzip file the script creates can either be saved on the server for use later use or downloaded and unarchived with an archive program such as winzip.
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