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any-quiz [Tests and Quizzes]
any-quiz supports tests up to 50 questions. it displays questions in pages of ten and can be set with a cutoff score the user must pass to go on to the next level. it can email your or not. it logs and displays the top 20%. many more features. very e
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extropia: webexam [Tests and Quizzes]
create your own multiple choice exams on the web and, if you create a answer key database, it will grade the answers submitted by a user.
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john donahues self scoring questionare [Tests and Quizzes]
using radio buttons and select boxes, this script will grade simple quizes and return a score.
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my quiz v1.0 [Tests and Quizzes]
a simple program that lets you put a true/false quiz on your web site. there is only one variable to set and you have to create a data file for the questions and answers. this is very easy to do and is explained in the readme file.
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perltest [Tests and Quizzes]
allows someone to build an online test that tracks score results over time in an html list and a graphical chart.
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question/answer [Tests and Quizzes]
this script allows for people to ask a question to the page, and receive answers on the page
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quickquiz [Tests and Quizzes]
quickquiz scores a one-page quiz form, has a weighted marking scheme by option, and has an answer page that displays the total score, and the submitted and correct answers with explanations.
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quirex [Tests and Quizzes]
this script allows the quiz-taker to select the number of questions he wants to attempt, and they are then randomly selected from the database and displayed. after the answers are submited, a page of results will be displayed showing the users result
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