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addmysite [Submitting URLS]
addmysite submits a given url to 9 major search engines. start your own submission service, or just offer it to your existing users. addmysite is one of the cleanest and most professional looking packages out there. its simple to install, and simple
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anchors site submitter [Submitting URLS]
this script accepts an email address and a web sites url and submits them to five major search engines for indexing. includes a tutorial deconstructing the program and explaining how to add new search engines for submission.
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fb url submitter [Submitting URLS]
this script submits your url to 12 search engines and automatically generates meta tags. it also comes with a built in counter and several other features.
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mega ffa submitter [Submitting URLS]
mega ffa submitter is a perl script that allows you to automatically submit your url to a growing list, feeded with new free for all link pages. the biggest advantage of this script is that it allows for full control and updating of the files which c
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protarget [Submitting URLS]
submits any website to 420 search engines all in one go, using one form. this advanced submision tool is quick and comes with a nice interface.
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search engine master [Submitting URLS]
never interact with the search engines again because search engine master does it all. each major search engine spider has its own doorway page area so you are assured just the right page for just the right spider. keep your pages fresh by showing a
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search stuffer lite [Submitting URLS]
provides you with an easy way to submit entire directories in your site to five search engines.
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searchstuffer pro [Submitting URLS]
searchstuffer pro blends perl & javascript to spider your directory tree and automatically submit every page individually to every major spider search engine.
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