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cgi scripts in perl

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Search Engines Commander [Server Side Redirect]
Let you take control of search engines cloaking, optimization and background submission. Support subdomains, templates, automatic signature updates and ..... Plus easy to use web based interface.
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mimimenu [Server Side Redirect]
this program is an ssi program that dynamically creates a dropdown list table of contents containing all html pages in the directory where the calling page is located. there is a second script named gomimi.cgi that is a simple redirect script that wi
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third level domain blaster [Server Side Redirect]
most web hosting companies dont allow for unlimited third level domains (* this script detects the third level domain entered in the url and "seemlessly" redirects the browser to the appropriate sub-directory of your system as you ha
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fantomas dateDirector™ [Server Side Redirect]
Feeds your site visitors pages by date – automatize your online periodical, your news bulletin, your press releases, etc.
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fantomas trackerJack™ [Server Side Redirect]
Track clients leaving your site; professional version includes automatic cross site links adjuster for flash installation and fully customizable tracking tags.
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