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Plug in Search [Search The Web]
Offer search on your site so your visitors dont leave to search somewhere else
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Anaconda Foundation: Web Search [Search The Web]
Fast, clean metasearch with consolidated results returned in your sites look and feel.
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avr search engine [Search The Web]
the avr search engine is simple fast and best of all contains many great features such as a max hits displayed and others.
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easysearch [Search The Web]
easysearch is a complete solution search engine that allows you to manage your own www search engine easily. it features: optional file-locking, automatic add url function, three separate spam filters, smut filter, automatic links to search other eng
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family friendly search [Search The Web]
run your own search engine, allowing visitors to add their url, description, keywords, etc. lets you filter predefined words to eliminate adult sites being added. free upgrades.
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fluid dynamics search engine [Search The Web]
this script searches web pages for keywords and phrases, and returns the most relevant documents. it can search web pages on a single site, or anywhere on the internet. the search engine is managed from an admin web page.
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go2! search [Search The Web]
run your own real spidering search engine. automatic submission, basic & power search, editable categories, & search boxes on results page, search links to other engines using the same keywords on results, duplicate submission fi
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my search engine [Search The Web]
run you very own search engine on your web site. visitors can add their own sites. it works just like "yahoo!"
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