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cgi scripts in perl

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byrons random quote [Random Text]
very easy to install random quote script with only five variables in the whole script. requires ssi.
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cgi domain: quote machine [Random Text]
a simple script that allows you to display random quotes from a list of quotes provided by the webmaster. you can use it with or without server side includes
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cgi-factory tip of the moment [Random Text]
this script is extremely useful if you want to have random proverbs, random images, or random tips displayed each time a visitor loads the page. it also includes a admin script. you can add, delete and modify any messages easily.(ssi required.)
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daily dose [Random Text]
daily dose is a full-service daily/random quote generator. it can be used to display anything, anywhere, without using server side includes.
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extropia: webmessage [Random Text]
sol says, "your basic fortune cookie script...with automatically changing fortunes. this routine can easily be incorporated into any html page by outputting the page from a script or by calling it with ssi. or, use it with frames."
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free n share [Random Text]
this is just a simple perl script that randomly print out a sentence from a text file to be displayed.
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freescripts: random quote [Random Text]
this script will randomly select a quote and insert it into your shtml page.add and delete quotes from your quote file directly from the web with a password protected admin page. ssi required.
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quote of the day [Random Text]
quote of the day will place a random quote on your web page. this script adds some spice to your pages.
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