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AutoContact [Mailing List Management]
AutoContact allows a webmaster to send up to 4 unique follow-up emails to customers or leads at set times in the future.The email follow-up list is created automatically by adding a small code snippet to your existing form handler.
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@mailman@ [Mailing List Management]
the @mailman@ is ideal to manage mailing lists for different homepages. people just need to give their e-mail address and check the boxes with the homepages they want to subscribe.
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aspii list manager [Mailing List Management]
web based email list management system with admin interface and anti-spam features.
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bnbs nomodomo [Mailing List Management]
nomodomo is actually two scripts- a subscribe/unsubscribe script that is called from your pages, and a management tool. features include: entry date/time/ip logging, duplicate entry elimination, letter editor, and list editor. supports an unlimited n
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bennie webdesign mailinglist [Mailing List Management]
this script will store e-mail addresses in a textfile. subscribers can easily subscribe or unsubscribe on your website. theyll get an automatic reply after subscribing or unsubscribing. you can edit these messages yourself.
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cgi worlds mailing list manager [Mailing List Management]
now easily setup and manage multiple mailing lists to keep you in contact with your websites visitors and keep them coming back by sending emails out to inform them of site updates, etc. supports a large number of emails.
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cgi-factory mailing list [Mailing List Management]
this script allows you to collect email addresses from your visitors, then you can send out news-letters or announcements to all of your members in the database. this script will check if an email address is already in the database before adding it i
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cliffs majordomo tool [Mailing List Management]
this script allows surfers to send commands to majordomo by entering their email address and selecting what to do.
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