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cgi scripts in perl

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attack guard [Libraries and Modules]
parsing routine that removes html and most attempts to access a server through hacking form input fields, particularly those going to pages with ssis. also sends e-mail warning to page administrator for each attempt to hack the server along with all
[comments] (0) [search by programmer] - a perl5 cgi library [Libraries and Modules]
lincoln stein states, "this perl 5 library uses objects to create web fill-out forms on the fly and to parse their contents. it is similar to in some respects. it provides a simple interface for parsing and interpreting query strings passe
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hfpm [Libraries and Modules]
extremely flexible, general-purpose cgi script that uses a number of modules to accomplish almost anything. from the same form it is possible to direct different input variables to different files which are created according to user-defined format fi
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lozinskis cgi library [Libraries and Modules]
a collection of some of the most common perl routines every perl programmer writes at one point. for example, a generic subroutine to parse form information, beginning, and ending a web page. all is free, and only needs a simple "require" statement w
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the file manipulation library (fmanip.lib) [Libraries and Modules]
tired of typing 3 lines just to get the content of a file? tired of adding 2 lines everytime you want to put a lock on a file? if this is the case, the fmanip library is the solution. fmanip.lib allows to manipulate files more easily than with the op
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the home page [Libraries and Modules]
steven e. brenner states, "the library has become the de facto standard library for creating common gateway interface (cgi) scripts in the perl language. the library makes cgi scripting in perl easy enough for anyone to process
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ustcp cgisuite feedback form module [Libraries and Modules]
part of a suite of cgi applications with integrated web-based administration. includes nearly every feature one could wish for in a feedback handler. easy to install, easy to manage, easy to use.
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util_lib [Libraries and Modules]
a free perl lib that help you: generates http headers; parsing email format; find dangerous meta-characters and know the browsers that visit your page.
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