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add-a-story [Interactive Stories]
a modified version of a guestbook program which supports multiple stories with one script.
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add2story [Interactive Stories]
this script allows the owner of a web site to create a story that users can add chapters to. add2story has many features: profanity filtering, logging, and it can email the owner of the story each time someone adds a chapter. this script is great for
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beyond the mirror [Interactive Stories]
the highlight of this script is that users are able not only to add their parts of story, but also to change the previously written part to a certain extent. while more and more portions of text are being added, the older portions are being saved as
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cliffs never ending story script [Interactive Stories]
this script lets your visitors add their own paragraph to a story. the script can be set to e-mail you whenever someone adds a paragraph, and can require people to give their name andor e-mail when posting.
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interactive story [Interactive Stories]
this is an interactive story, written by its readers. as people read the story, each page tells a part of the story. each page ends with two choices for what to do next. users click on one of the two links to read what happens next in the story. (
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storybook [Interactive Stories]
a very simple storybook script, allows viewers to add the next chapter to an existing story.
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the never ending story [Interactive Stories]
this program allows your users (surfers) to add to a story and have it instantly put on the web via a build page feature. admin section allows you to edit and delete submissions as well as block ips from submitting to your story.
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the wrestling edge never ending story [Interactive Stories]
free interactive never ending story program. not loaded with features, but easy to use for the end user.
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