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allmanage [Homepage Communities]
allmanage is a program that will turn your website into geocities or angelfire. we have all the items that you could need, including set amount of disk space, auto or manual approval of new applications, limit number of accounts, full admin control,
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communityweaver [Homepage Communities]
dont just give people webpages, give them their own community that they can develop. each member gets as many pages as you allow, a message forum, guestbooks, polls, yahoo-like directory, a free4all links page and a form2email page. add to that, deta
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ease-zine [Homepage Communities]
ease-zine is automated e-zine software. it allows you to receive, edit, create, publish, and archive stories using the web. by default, it is set-up to allow news stories and five customizable columns. stories can even include a photo.
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easy home page generator [Homepage Communities]
give visitors to your website a fun way to create and edit their own home page with full control over personal text, favorite links and clip art selections - splash, background, button, separator and email.
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elite web site builder [Homepage Communities]
have you ever wanted to give away free webpages just like geocities? users can even password protect directories. features include: an admin control panel, assigning disk usage, number of files allowed, directories, icons, file extentions and much mo
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htmauler [Homepage Communities]
htmauler allows site visitors to create, modify, and delete their own guest home page on your site without having to know html.
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homepagemaker [Homepage Communities]
homepagemaker is a simple program that allows visitors to your site create their own homepage. at no time do strangers have access to any server resources or to the shell.
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net card [Homepage Communities]
how about the idea of electronic bussiness card? this perl script is very useful, if you want to give your site visitors free web space but you dont want to use a lot of resources. your visitors fill out a form and instantly create their static homep
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