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dir-it! [HTML Manipulation]
dir-it! will allow you to create web pages based upon information within a directory and that directorys structure. alot of things can be done to this script to expand its functionality, and to make administering a site easier.
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ezhtml - non-html editor [HTML Manipulation]
a non-html editor to create web pages. written for the complete novice. forms based, fill in the blanks, format. each file created is written to a database, when a user wants to edit their page, all form blanks are filled in just as they left them af
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ease-zine [HTML Manipulation]
automated e-zine software. it allows you to recieve, edit, create, publish, and archive stories using the web.
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exechtm [HTML Manipulation]
this is a small utility which lets you define programs which will generate parts of html programs.
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faq generator [HTML Manipulation]
have a large faq or q & a area you need to take care of? look into the faq generator. create many different groups/categories with questions & links to the answers in a nice, neat & organized manor.
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flash page [HTML Manipulation]
f lash page™ technology is a new and exciting content management service designed to allow any business to easily manage & control their own web content.
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footer [HTML Manipulation]
this simple script can make a footer appear in every file by just putting a simple tag in your html.
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format html [HTML Manipulation]
formats and indents html code and writes a new file with the results. it makes code generated by wysiwyg html editors easier to read for humans.
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