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a free guestbook [Guestbooks]
a free guestbook by virtual nine.
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a guestbook [Guestbooks]
this guestbook has graphics, to accompany the script, giving it a more professional look.
[comments] (1) [search by programmer]

a+ guestbook [Guestbooks]
this is a free cutomizable guestbook. this guestbook uses tables to make your guestbook look extra nice.
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acme guestbook [Guestbooks]
an easy to use guestbook program and yet still feature intensive. features include: recent messages on top, display any number of messages per page, line breaks, optional blocking of inline images, date/time stamping with time zone and more.
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aspii easyguest [Guestbooks]
a guestbook script with totally definable required fields, confirmation and validation of user input. optional email thank you and notification, option for html filtering. newer entries shown first with older entries viewable by following a link at t
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all in one guestbook [Guestbooks]
a guestbook-script easy to use but with many features: -sends data of new entries as email to the webmaster - updates automatically your guestbook-html-file - possibility for the user to correct his data - refuses inscription if unallowed (defined by
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amnesia guestbook [Guestbooks]
a fully automated engine performs all the work for you. this program contains regular guestbook operations plus more. some of the favorite features: message preview before posting, inserting html tags into the message, "spell checker" to keep naughty
[comments] (0) [search by programmer]

aneip guestbook [Guestbooks]
this guestbook stores information in flat-text database. with advanced feature such as swear word filter, last message displayed first or vice-versa, number of messages to be display on one page, thank email to poster and admin notification. coming s
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