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cgi scripts in perl

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weblibs [Games]
weblibs is the webified version of the old "mad libs" party game. it will allow you to set up "stories" on your web site which visitors can complete by "filling in the blanks." of course, the catch is, they dont actually see what the story is, until
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blackjack [Games]
this is a blackjack cgi script written in perl. if you know blackjack, it should all be pretty obvious.
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cgi casino blackjack [Games]
play blackjack casino style. the game you know and love can be on your website. easy to install with great graphics and quick cgi. game features include: splits, double, and insurance, takes a program by andru luvisi and makes it more web friendly.
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concentration [Games]
this is a cgi concentration game written in perl.
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hangman [Games]
traditional hangman over the web.
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kewlcheckers [Games]
two-player real-time checkers. includes chat capability so you can talk with your opponent between the moves.
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the genie [Games]
a magic number guessing game written in perl. you will be amazed at how the genie guesses your number.
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tic tac toe [Games]
play classic tic tac toe. features easy and hard games.
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