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pagegrinder [Editing Web Pages]
great tool to create and edit web content in a browser or even by email.
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pointedit [Editing Web Pages]
this cgi script is intended for website management. it allows fields within html documents to be defined which are then editable over the internet by those who know the password. great for easy maintenance of contact information, headlines, and mor
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rz webed [Editing Web Pages]
it allows you to setup a ftp like environment for your users/customers so that they can have full control over their web page. the interface looks just like a gui ftp program, but they can use their web browsers instead. no need for them to purchase,
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the homepage machine [Editing Web Pages]
create a simple homepage from a web form.
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the page manager [Editing Web Pages]
the page manager will maintain and create web pages using templates easily configured to look like any web site. knowledge of html is not needed at all to use this system. anyone who can click on a link can be trained to use it ten minutes.
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virtual page [Editing Web Pages]
virtual page allows you to have virtual pages, pages that are only there when you tell them to be. maybe you want an advanced user to be able to customize pages quickly, maybe the page is to secretive to have on a server, the reasons are endless. vir
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web message editor (wme) gold [Editing Web Pages]
web message editor gold is the solution for editing fields in a web page. wme gold supports multiple updates on multiple pages at once, and multiple fields per web page. see web page for demos and info.
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web message editor [Editing Web Pages]
this script allows a user to modify a small section of a web page with announcements, or html code. each page that requires updating has its own profile file and username/password so that only 1 copy of the script needs to be on the server.
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