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Pc ffa links [Editing Web Pages]
FFA Links is a free-for-all link system which generates a page on the fly of links. Unlike rival scripts it doesnt simply write a HTML file, lagging your system but uses a database and the CGI script to display the results dynamically. The listing page also shows sponsors of your choice, unlike others they are not static but are shown from a pool of sponsors. If you say "show a sponsor every 5 links" and you have 30 sponsors and 10 records, a random 2 will be shown each time the page is loaded. Everything is based on templates so the design and look of your site is up to you, nothing is hard coded and every single bite of HTML is from templates, you choose the look! We even have the option of compiling email lists to make sure that you can contact your users and keep in touch with them. Also included is an email template to mail users when they add a link if you choose. If you dont want to, dont - its all definable. As far as error checking is concerned and duplication checking, the script will do everything you want it to do and more, no more mistakes due to a bad database. If your looking for a site like this then buy this script, its what your looking for. Also try our mailing scripts like bulkmail to email your users!
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Site awards [Editing Web Pages]
SiteAwards is an awesome program. This completely handles giving away website awards for you. The ability to allow people to apply for an award and the intuitive administration system make for an excellent combination. The script can be set to automatically mail people when they apply, are accepted, or declined. When accepted it sends your award image as an attachment. Admin has bility to accept or deny any application for your award.
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Site rotatoe [Editing Web Pages]
SiteRotater is simply that. It is based on a banner rotation system except that it rotates sites thru the browser. You aim people at the script and it redirects them to one of numerous site urls that you set in the admin console. Allows for setting a determined number of displays also per url.
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Traffic generator [Editing Web Pages]
Traffic Generator: Traffic Generator is a fully functioning Traffic enhancer. Webmasters will come to the TrafficGen and signup , at which time they will recieve an index page that they will promote, the index page will have links from a set number of users that have signed up prior. they will have the top spot, and thier sponsor (the one that they signed up under will have number #2, and his sponsor #3, etc..). All users pages will have a "Sponsor Ad" that sits above all and is controled by the admin. Each person that signs up will also be prompted to join the built in mailing list which is controlled by admin. giving another option for admin to advertise. This script is chocked full of features.
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Web cards [Editing Web Pages]
This script as its name implies is an automated online Business card creator. It allows visitors of your site to create their own business card on your server. The program also creates a main directory listing of all business cards that it has created for people, thus giving your site a nice professional community of business professionals.
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Pass hack killer [Editing Web Pages]
This script, when properly installed, will log and track any failed authentication attempts for your members area(s). When the failed number of attempts coming from one certain IP exceeds a limit you set, the script will automatically block that IP from accessing your entire site. This will also effectively block any person trying to brute-force their way into your members area(s). Whenever a block is placed, you will be notified by e-mail so you can take the appropriate action, e.g. contact the offenders ISP. The blocking system is totally automated, provided you have set up the correct .htaccess entries.
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pay per click pro [Editing Web Pages]
Start Your Own Pay Per Click Search Engine Where Every Click Earns You Instant Cash Pay Per Click Professional a revolutionary new software will have you well on your way to becoming the next Overture, Findwhat, or Kanoodle. In a time where the major search engines are charging an average of $299.00 just to look at your website, people are turning more and more to pay per click search engines as an alternative solution. For less money than the cost of admission webmasters can drive highly targeted traffic to their websites. The statistics are overwhelming, thousands of Internet users are searching using Pay Per Click search engines and approximately 75% of pay per click clients renew their bids because of it. In addition to the high cost, traditional search engines can take weeks or months to "add your site" Pay Per Click search engines allow for instant traffic. Pay Per Click Search Engines are here to stay Up to now if you desired to start your own Pay Per Click Search Engine you would have had to: a. develop it yourself involving a considerable amount of time b. hire a costly programmer to do it for you How about a better solution saving you both time and money? With Pay Per Click Professional theres absolutely no programming involved, and better yet no waiting. You could be up running your own Pay Per Click Search Engine and earning cash within 24 to 48 hours. (did we mention installation is free) So your not burning your time figuring out where in the world that file goes. Use Pay Per Click Professional as a stand alone product or integrate into your existing website. This is truly an instant Business Built in ready search results from DMOZ to fill your search engine until you have your bids in place. (you can turn this feature off anytime you choose) Accept variety of payment methods We dont limit you to one payment processor. Per Per Click Professional has these payment processors options built in., and Several ways to earn income Charge clients a minimum to open their account, if you opt to use PayPal every new users earn you an additional 5 bucks. Charge for banner impressions or charge for monthly links on your home page. The possibilities are limitless... Newbie friendly Dont know the first thing about HTML or how to build a website? No problem, built right in to Pay Per Click Professional is a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) HTML editor for all the HTML templates. If youre familiar with web design customize your website any way you choose. Imagine youre just a click away from having your very own highly profitable and highly sought after Internet Business. Hands free business You can manage your own Pay Per Click Search Engine from any computer in the world with an internet connection. Yep, even while your spending your profits lying on the beach on some tropical island. But hey, if you really want to get away from it all you can set up as many administrators as you choose to run your Pay Per Click Search Engine while your gone. No Techie Experience Required Many software companies charge an arm and a leg for their product, then they have the nerve to charge you for installation or ask you to hunt some one down to do it for you. We guarantee you wont have search high and low to locate a person to install your software or fork over an extra bunch of hard earned dollars either. We will be happy to install it for you at no cost to you. Peace of Mind for Clients Pay Per Click Professional has "No Cheat Technology" built in so you can assure your clients that competitors cant run their cash up. Advertising Email your clients when their account is getting low (A perfect opportunity to slip advertising for one of your other promotions). You wont find this quality of Pay Per Click Search Engine loaded with this many features at this price anywhere else. You might expect to pay 3000.00 like pay per click add-ins for other search engines (thats after you pay 750.00 bucks for the actual search engine), but not here.
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Search engine watch [Editing Web Pages]
This script watches your server logs for search engine activity. It will show you how many hits you got from search engines andwhich search engines have visited your site. An invaluable tool to find out whether you have been spidered and by who youve been spidered.
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