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cgi scripts in perl

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Plug In E-Mail [EMail Utilities]
Plug-in-Email is a professional email service you can add to your site, letting you offer your visitors full-featured email accounts with addresses @yourdomain. This powerful application costs nothing, is hosted on our fast and reliable network, a
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OptIn Lightning [EMail Utilities]
Database driven, extremely versatile stand alone application made for the sole purpose of assisting serious internet marketers to build their mailing lists fast, easy and hassle free, while they focus on other crucial elements of their eBusiness.
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@mailman@ [EMail Utilities]
the @mailman@ is ideal to manage mailing lists for different homepages. people just need to give their e-mail address and check the boxes with the homepages they want to subscribe.
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anyemail [EMail Utilities]
anyemail(tm) is a pop3 and smtp email cgi client live on a web server. by simply accessing the url of the anyemail cgi program, you can retrieve emails from any of your pop3 accounts, you can reply to email, forward email, send new email, and delete
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atdot [EMail Utilities]
includes most features found at larger sites like hotmail, currently missing only message folders and attachments, but they are coming soon.
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bulk emailing [EMail Utilities]
very simple, but powerful unlimited bulk mailing. supports multiple lists and messages. uses your server mail program, so no smtp service needed. sends thousands messages in a minute.
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cgi mailer script [EMail Utilities]
a cgi script to mail form data to an email address.
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clickresponder [EMail Utilities]
clickresponder is a program that will automatically take in users e-mail addresses and send them a text file you have written.
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