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cgi scripts in perl

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countdown plus [Countdowns]
countdown plus is an enhancement of matt wrights countdown script that uses to display the countdown as a gif. called via the standard img src tag, multiple options are available to customize the resulting gif, such as foreground, background an
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countdown [Countdowns]
countdown is a basic countdown script that counts down to a certain date indicated by you. once configured simply put the ssi tag anywhere on your page to see the countdown in action.
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matt kruses countdown script [Countdowns]
counts down the number of days left until a specified date arrives. does not factor in leap years.
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matts script archive: countdown [Countdowns]
this countdown program will display the number of years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds until a specific event occurs. you can also allow your users to type in a date and find out how long it is until then.
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