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andys netscape http cookie notes: macperl counter example [Cookies]
this page shows two examples of creating a simple in-line counter with macperl and http cookies.
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cookie jar [Cookies]
cookie jar lets you set up a configuration file to allow only certain sites to send you cookies. all other sitess cookies will be silently discarded.
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cookie-lib is a perl library to help the manipulation of broswer cookies.
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cookiestats [Cookies]
a simple script for analyzing the cookie_log from apache.
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creditgo cookie [Cookies]
give your referrers credit with a cookie. creditgo cookie sets your visitor a cookie with the referrers assigned id and automatically redirects your visitor to your webpage. great for tracking your visitors and originating referral source.
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dave bewleys [Cookies]
bewley describes this script as a "simple little script to set and print a cookie."
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free n share cookie [Cookies]
this is just a simple perl script that demontrates the use of cookies.
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lakeweb: the cookie test [Cookies]
a technical example with subroutines for handling cookies. no documentation is available.
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