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webadverts [Banner Advertising]
webadverts is a comprehensive system for maintaining a set of rotating banner ads on your site. banners are displayed on your pages through ssi calls, so each time a page is loaded, a new banner will appear. webadverts keeps track of exposures and c
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ad this! [Banner Advertising]
a self-administered classifieds ad script. it allows you to provide classified ads service without having to deal with the headaches.
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ams [Banner Advertising]
radiations ad management system is a complete adbar placement and package for website publishers. its flexible features include easy online management, integrated statistical tracking for each advertiser, powerful adbar location assignment system, an
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adgenie [Banner Advertising]
add, update, renew and review current ads through html forms, display ads as part of html pages, in a separate frame or on the pages produced by cgi programs. on the fly ads automatically expire after specified amount of days or impressions or clicks
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advertise [Banner Advertising]
advertise is a script with two forms. the first works as a conventional server-side include for those who have it. the second works as a cgi script that reads your html as a template and inserts a banner at specially marked places on your page.
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banner count [Banner Advertising]
this program counts the clicks on a banner ad (or any hyper-link) and logs the user information.
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banner rotating 01 [Banner Advertising]
web based administration, unlimited advertisers, full stats - keep tracking of exposures, click-throughs and the ratio. requires server side includes (ssi).
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banner rotation 04 [Banner Advertising]
if you find a simpler banner rotation script - let me know :-) unlimited advertisers. requires server side includes (ssi).
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